Friday April 11, 2008 :: A Day to Connect


  • Next Event!

  • This Year's event is April 1st, 2016

  • Denture Program Results

  • Thanks to the Creighton University School of Dentistry and The Charles Drew Clinic for helping over 300 homeless receive new dentures and a fresh outlook on life.

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Ending Homelessness, One Person At A Time.

In its 10th year, and with the support of Creighton University, Project Homeless Connect Omaha has helped over 3000 of the area's homeless find housing, needed services, healthcare, hair styles and over 300 sets dentures and 500 pair of glasses.

Over 3,500 volunteers have committed their time to making this event one the most significant events in the metro's history for the homeless. The engagement and cooperation of public officials in municipal, county, and state government, as well as local business leaders has been remarkable in creating a cooperative service strategy that, as Mike Saklar Executive Director at Siena/Francis House put it, "initiates a first time action" for many of the area's homeless.

"He came to an event at Creighton called Project Homeless Connect, not knowing what to expect. Now the 35-year-old Omaha man has a place to live, 21 months of sobriety and a scholarship to Metro Community College, from the 2008 event, where he is studying to become a paramedic. He came back to the event this year as a volunteer."

"I was one of the first people at the event, I was one of the last to leave, and I accomplished more in one day than I had the last 2 years". – Homeless

"I was told by a service provider that they had begun coordinating and referring with another agency they met at the event. Neither was aware of the service provided by the other agency". Ed Shada, Executive Director

People Search

New for 2015, we are pleased to announce a way to allow the homeless to let family and friends know they are alive or post a message to anyone looking to help them. People Search can help find loved ones and friends who may need help.

Please go to "People Search" in the navigation or click here.